Aalborg Youth School

Aalborg Youth School is a public organisation under the Municipality of Aalborg which mainly works with youngsters between 13-19 years.

Aalborg Youth School has an annual turnover of D.kr. 50 million. The organisation is the largest of its kind in Denmark with just about over 600 employees. 2200 youngster are annual members of junior and youth clubs, some 25.500 youngsters are visiting the youth houses, KUL and Station10 each year. There are about 400 pupils at the UngAalborg Education Center and over 600 ongoing projects with over 10.000 youngsters taking part on a yearly basis. 1600 youngsters have used Aalborg Water Center, and 1800 pupils have passed through our Adventure School and Teamwork projects. Large scale events gather around 2400 youngster each year. 

Over the past years, the international dimension has been one of our political working areas. Our international work is primarily based on the European Programme Erasmus+. We have been involved in the EVS and youth exchanges for some years now. The projects all starts in August and finishes at the end of July. We plan on four volunteers every year.

Outside the EU programme Erasmus+, we have several projects going on, like wild nature trips, Jobswob, an international environment project CEI etc.


For more information, please contact info@ungaalborg.dk